Dana is a singer, composer, and arranger. Born in Jerusalem, she is one of the leading Jazz singers in Israel, in addition to singing classical, R&B, soul, and folk. Dana’s voice has been described as one “of exceptional beauty, full with high overtones that give it carrying power and shimmering beauty.” (Bata Marom)

Dana started her music studies as a classical singer at the young age of eight, and gradually became more interested in exploring other musical styles, such as Jazz, R&B, soul, and traditional Middle Eastern. Dana is leading her own band and preforms these days her original music all over New York City.

As a graduate of the excellent musician program in The Center for Jazz Studies in the Israeli Conservatory she currently studies in New York City at the “New School” with a full scholarship. Dana studied and participated in masterclasses with musicians such as Avishai Cohen (Bass), Avishai Cohen (Trumpet), Eli Degibri, Yoni Rechter, Sheila Jordan, and Ulysses Owens Jr. Her voice and music teachers have included Becca Stevens,Trish McCaffrey, Janet Lawson, Tamar Rachum, Bavat Marom, Amit Golan, Simon Starr, and Ofer Landsberg.

Dana has performed in some of the most prestigious venues in Israel, such as The Yellow Submarine, Levontin 7, and The Jerusalem Music Center, as well as The Red Sea Jazz Festival. She has toured and performed internationally in the USA, including performances at Le Poisson Rouge, Club Bonafide and Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, Harvard University, Yale University and The Hamilton in Washington, DC, Germany, and France at the Sunset Sunside in Paris.


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